Description, Styles, and Measurements for Skateboards and Longboards

There are many types of skateboard on the market. But which one to choose? Find out what is the best type of Skateboards: longboard, freeboard, wave board and the different ways you can practice with your skateboard.

Content of the article:

  • Waveboard
  • Flowboard
  • SKATEBOARD one wheel


The longboard is longer than an ordinary skateboard and has a different, more aerodynamic and wide in parts form, which gives us more stability and comfort than a standard type of skateboards. They are mainly used to slide, with softer wheels that allow moving farther with fewer effort thanks to its bearings. Their movements are similar to surfing, and even less suitable for skateboarding tricks, there is some genius who manages to make magic. View the list of the best longboard brands 2016


The cruiser has a similar shape to longboard, with the difference that can be made of high strength plastic and is of much lower weight and size than the longboard. They are used to slide especially in cities, due to its easy transportation. The best known of this type of skates are skates trademark of the Penny brand.


The freeboard is also used to slide, but its shape resembles more than the standard type of skateboards, but of greater length and with handles for the feet. Its wheels are further apart, providing more stability. They also have an extra two wheels, located in the middle of the shafts that hold the other two wheels, which allows 360-degree turns.


The wave board or wave consists of two independent platforms, usually plastic, joined by a metal bar so that each platform can rotate about a small angle bar and two small wheels in the middle of each platform, which can turn 360 degrees. The mode of use is to put one foot on the front platform and one on the rear platform, and go to step forward to support and back the platform to get around.


The T-board is very similar to wave board as the wheel system is the same. But instead of two platforms, it has a table like the standard skates. It is used to train the snowboard because their movements are very similar.

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Sauber F1 Team

Peter Sauber is the boss of an F1 team racing who is very admired. He has built and developed the team during nearly 30 years in Switzerland – where racing cars is banned completely. Sauber team started attending the F1 race in 1993.

In a country which famous for its banking industry, perhaps Sauber also learned about the art of using money from his fellow countrymen. He often invests money very right time, right place, slowly put his team up a high position in the F1 in the past years, beating the team supported directly from the manufacturer large cars which have budget several times larger.

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How To Choose The Best Motorcycle Helmet ?

Traveling on the road today always create the feeling of dangerous. Many people choose to protect themselves by various ways from the influences of the others as well as environment. The most popular trend for motor cycles is using a helmet. In the market today, a lots of helmets are available, however, how to choose the one which best suite you are not easy. The best motorcycle helmets are always having its own merits for you to take full advantages of. The helmets must be light, beautiful and hard to ensure both safety and aesthetics.


Standard regulations for the best motorcycle helmets

In the regulation of helmets for motorcycle riders, helmets must meet these requirements: volume, scope shielded, resistant to impact and absorption impulse, reliable penetration, durability of the strap, the vision, the windshield and the general requirements for materials production caps.

  • Style helmet: cap covering the head only; cover the head and ears; cover the head, ear and jaw.
  • Helmets must have 3 parts: helmet shell; impulse absorbing padding inside the shell hat; strap.
  • Have stamps: All helmets circulating in the market (both domestic and imported) must have CR stamp and stamp “checked” for imported goods.
  • Product Information: Designs hats must meet requirements such as product names are helmets for motorcycle riders, motorcycles, the name and address of the organization or individual importers, distributors, origin and date of manufacture.
  • Assorted baseball helmets: For other types of helmets with soft caps attached to the shell, or removable cap, so the cap’s length (from the point of connection with shell hat to the point the most distant of baseball) not exceeding 70mm, angle of cap not affect the user’s perspective. The helmet with hard hat shell is attached to the length of the cap hard (from the point of connection with shell hat to the farthest point of baseball) is not greater than 50mm.


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How To Choose The Best And Cheap Longboards ?

When choosing to buy a skateboard, you should select the type of long-form and which are made from carbon fiber. Because these skis have the stability, flexibility, light weight that makes it easy to achieve high speeds. But to choose the cheap longboards is not simple. You will have to consider in design, materials and prices before making a decision to buy one that really suits you.

Longboard is a type of skateboard designed with smooth sliding surface and outstanding length compared with the other skis on the market. Skateboard often form long lengths of 80 cm away from the deck – 150 cm, or even more, depending on the terrain and skateboarding purposes

Longboards are commonly used for speed racing, downhill, skiing, or simply moving vehicles at high speed when you want to go somewhere.

Because of this purpose, speed, stability, and durability are the leading factors when choosing a longboard. So how to choose the best longboard for yourself?

Skateboard material

The material is not only affecting the quantity, durability but also directly affect the flexibility of skis during use, we cannot ignore this factor when choosing a longboard.

The material is often used to manufacture longboard includes:

  • Wood maple: This is the most common material available on the market at the moment. This wood can help the longboard strong and durability during the use. This ski is quite rugged, and durable even when you use it many times. Therefore, this longboard is suitable for the beginners.
  • Bamboo: The number of skis made from bamboo is increasing on the market because bamboo has the flexibility and its volume much lighter than other types of maple. The bamboo skis can easily be carried and is also very flexible in the process of longboarding, and therefore, the kind of bamboo longboards are used primarily for travel on the street.
  • Carbon fiber: This is the most expensive material used to manufacture longboards. The extremely rugged characteristics and durability, ultra-light weight allows the player to achieve high speed, and can perform difficult moves with skis easier. Carbon fiber is the best material to produce longboards.

Due to the longboard is used for speed purposes or downhill racing, performance, therefore, the flexibility, light weight are the leading factors to consider when purchasing skis. Therefore, priority level material when buying a longboard would be: carbon fiber, bamboo, maple.

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What should you look for when choosing the Pioneer avh-2600bt

  1. Introduction:

You might be looking for an affordable hands-free Double Din stereo head that can play both music and videos? Or maybe you have purchased one and want to learn more about its features and how to install it? In this article, we will show you our review about the head unit as well as the Pioneer AVH-2600BT wiring diagram to assisst you in the installation.

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Essential Guide To Using a Car Vacuum Cleaner For Cleaning Car Interior

If you have just bought a car, and within a few couple of weeks, it looks as if it already hits its 100th birthday. If you are in that situation, you’d better off purchasing and making good use of the best cordless car vacuum cleaner for the sake of your car. Here are some useful tips on how to use a portable vacuum cleaner to sweep out all the dirt and debris accumulation in a blink of an eye:

Set up a cleaning plan

Naturally, fruitful results derive from a good initial plan. And when it comes to cleaning a car completely from A to Z, you need to sketch out the whole process, step by step and figure out the time for completion and required conditions. You should try to find a proper place to park your car while doing the cleaning task. In some unfavorable weather conditions such as rain and snow, you shouldn’t leave your car outside while cleaning it since it is ineffective.

The detailed process

It is wiser to know exactly what to do first, what to do next for it will save lots of time and effort. After doing many thorough pieces of research and compiled bits of advice from auto experts, we provide you with the most efficient guide on cleaning a car by using a car vacuum cleaner.

  1. Put away all personal stuff and belonging in the car. Things like toys, documents, food and CDs must be out in another place while you vacuum the vehicle.
  2. Clean the floor mats: pull it out of the car to make sure the accumulated dirt will not linger on the floor. Shake it vigorously to remove loose dirt. Use the vacuum cleaner to suck off the left dirt and particle.
  3. Vacuum the car floor: using the vacuum clean to suction off the dirty floor. Flexibly attach and detach various attachments and accessories so that your vacuum can reach any places, corners under the seats and small cracks. Slide the seats backward or forward to get the most remote areas beneath the seats. Areas around the floor pedals and between the seats and the console require small attachments.
  4. Clean the carpet stains: using the vacuum cleaner to get rid of severe stains.
  5. Clean the dashboards, doors and both sided of the visors: make the most of a wide range of brush attachments, try to reach small cracks as much as possible.
  6. Clean the seats: make a priority for soft accessories so that your leather seats will not get scratched.
  7. Clean the car trunk

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Many motorists use the helmet just to avoid traffic fines. Is it a good idea? Certainly not. The helmet is an essential element of protection and can save your life. You should not take lightly the choice of something so important for your safety, and, therefore, it is important to know the types of helmets on the market and, above all, keep in mind that this is an element of protection in a motorcyclist equipment. You do not rely solely on fashions or aesthetic aspects when deciding.

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How To Choose The Best One-wheeled Electric Scooter

What is a one-wheeled electric scooter?

With gyroscope, vehicles are able to balance the front and rear, that help the car to operate easily without falling. The electric scooter is designed to have just a place for a driver only. When you need to move forward, you simply leaned forward a bit, the electronic system of electric scooter will feel the driver’s position, and move forward. The more you leaning, the speed is much faster. Similarly, when you lean back, the car will automatically stop.

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Gumball 3000 2016 – The Race Of Supercars

Lasted a week, from 30/04 to 06/05, Gumball 3000 race car this year with the series of supercars will go through European countries, comes from Dublin, Ireland and the goal is the destination of Bucharest, Romania.

  • Every year, at every race and every stop, there are many very generous sponsors. Typically, in Czech Republic, we have a large number of well-known brands such as Bet Safe, New Era, Jetsmarter, Shell, Battery, etc. However, one of the new and sponsors for this race is Solider Studio, a website that is all about the best home studio monitors as well as the best way to set your own studio at home.
  • Called the Gumball 3000 race but it is essentially a parade of the most exclusive and expensive supercars all over the world. This game is held annually and attracts a large number of great wealth as well as some celebrities.

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Motorcycle on a Roller Coaster – Red Bull Roller Coaster


Why Almost All Of Us Love High Speed ?

Human instincts are curious; we always want to experience what we have never tried before. But not everyone can do that. Many people in the world are interested in high speed, they usually dream about a dream in which they are totally free and can moving in their car or motor as fast as they can. So, why do they love high speed?

2 years ago, a newspaper put a stunning question, almost obviously true: “Why do people like to run fast?”. There are thousands of replies. Almost no perfectly correct answers. However, there is one very impressive answer: “Simply because anyone can move slowly!”.

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Accessories For People Who Love Speed

Many of the elites not only be the collectors of luxury and rare cars but also passionate about the powerful motorcycle, which is considered as an accessory for people who love speed. The price of these motorcycles is not cheap, some of them even more expensive than the car.

Just like with cars, millionaires, billionaires usually prefer motorcycles that meet the following criteria: powerful engines, beautiful forms, elegance, uniqueness, etc.

If just talking about speed, the motorcycles of the powerful motorcycle, powerful though it is, is difficult to “knock out” the Lamborghini or Ferrari supercar. If someone argues that when they move by motorcycles, they would feel more cheerful and liberal than when we are in a car, then they are wrong. Since the roadster sports car can bring that feeling.

However, one thing that we cannot deny is that motor gives us the feeling more actual and real than automobiles do. Many people like to be sitting on his motorcycle to feel each corner.

Here are 5 models which are manufactured for speed enthusiasts who like the liberal too. However, the condition is that the person must be able to finance them.

Indian Chief Vintage

That is the famous Indian motorcycle brand for quite a long time in the US that was revived with a large powerful motorcycle model series priced at a minimum of $35,000. This Chief Vintage form is equipped with Power Plus engine cooling air 105, capacity 1.722cc, 6 number, compression ratio 9: 1, its maximum torque of 100lb-ft.

In the US, this model is priced at $35,499, add $99 saddle after saddle bag and red leather or cowhide. Standard color is black. If you want to paint other colors, customers will have to pay more money: $199 for the red or ivory white, black-phase $899 for the red, green or ivory-white, red-and-white or ivory, white or turquoise phase.

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The Most Famous Motorcycle Brands In The World

Today, the motorcycle is a very popular vehicle in the world. This invention is not merely a mean of transport but also become an expensive hobby of motorcycle enthusiasts. The boom of the motor leads to the formation of many of the famous motorcycle manufacturers all over the world.


Harley-Davidson is the oldest brand of motorcycle maker that still improve at the moment. Founded in 1903 in Milwaukee – Wisconsin (USA) by two legendary names as Sir William S. Bill Harley (1880-1943) and Sir Arthur Davidson (1881-1950). Since its inception to date, Harley-Davidson never loses their place in the world of the motor that they really become the dream of those who love Cruiser motorcycles style. After 12 years when the firm almost goes bankruptcy, the family Harley – Davidson bought their property in 1981 from the AMF.

  • Advantages: Can contain furniture, suited to go a long way, relaxed posture, elegance
  • Disadvantages: envelope buyer’s designs, long length.


This is the most famous brand in Japan which was founded by Soichiro Honda. The company began manufacturing motorcycles in 1946, then 13 years Honda penetration worldwide dizziness and officially entered the US market in 1959. In the 60s and 70s, Honda has bedeviled large European car makers as their market makes up a very high percentage of the motorcycle market. Until now, Honda is still the big rival for the other brands.

  • Advantages: Brand perennial, multiple distribution channels which make it easy to buy spare parts.
  • Disadvantages: Furniture parts often be broken. Few new models every year

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